Realizing the influence of technology on today’s children, the owners at Lego further popularized their brand by entering the gaming and entertainment industry. So, if you want to get some playing done, we suggest that you pick one with some common sense in mind. Without this upgrade, you won’t be able to access the entertainment amps either. The power adapter also plugs in here. While the PS4 and box One have no doubt taken the gaming arena by storm, the days of PS3 and box 360 are far from over. Dualshock 3 has become the default controller for PS3 consoles, and has gained immense popularity. A video game programmer is a very important member of the fast growing billion dollar video game industry. Very crisp and intense game play and graphics ensures a realistic and action-packed experience. Just think of this as your PS4 on the go. Sony’s PlayStation range of gaming consoles has always been one of the, if not the top-selling gaming consoles in the market. PS3 is not just a gaming console.

If you are a fan of hardcore gaming, the list of Kinect games is more likely to be a bit of a disappointment for you with most of the games featuring in this list being too amateurish by the hardcore gaming standards. The box 360 from Microsoft is the oldest of the lot, and is from a different generation altogether. If you are contemplating the idea of buying a new gaming console, the comparison between ii and box 360 provided here will help you decide which is better of the two. The Microsoft box 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 are the most advanced video game consoles around, and there are many reasons why one is better than the other. The ii U is powered by a Tri-Core IBM PowerPC ‘Espresso’ processor, which is more than capable of handling all the complex functions that the console needs to deal with.

Sorcery – Sony Computer Entertainment This PS4 Controller is one of the games that uses the PS3 platform and the Move controller to its true potential. Tips and Tricks to Play Candy Crush Saga Game It is next to impossible that someone hasn’t heard about Candy Crush! Well, neither can I! Gaming experience is fairly subjective as it is all about what games you choose to play. Plus you fight on Earth, in the sky and in a very, very fast and volatile environment. A system reboot may, or may not work, but you should definitely ensure that you are on the latest firmware update for the console. What adds to this is the gripping multi-player mode.

Please check the F.A.Q. page to find answers on all possible questions. Information Start of Sign-up: Saturday, 25th July 2015 00:01 CEST End of Sign-up: Monday, 3rd August 2015 23:59 CEST Start of Check-In: Tuesday, 4th August 2015 00:01 CEST End of Check-In: Friday, 7th August 2015 14:00 CEST Start of Late Sign-up: Friday, 7th August 2015 14:01 CEST End of Late Sign-up: Saturday, 8th August 2015 23:59 CEST Start of Round 1: Sunday, 9th August 2015 20:00 CEST Game: Project Cars (PS4) Game ID: PlayStation Nickname (SEN ID) Mode: 1on1, Best of 3 Requirements: Only players with residence in Europe (list is given in the FAQ on top) are allowed to play Official language: English How to sign up correctly? Use the “Sign Up” on the right hand side above the Project Cars banner Follow the steps needed Make sure to sign up until Monday, 3rd August, 23:59 CEST! If you have problems with fulfilling the restrictions, be sure to check our F.A.Q.

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